1. Social Work  National Association of Black Social Workers Website  National Association of Social Workers Website  NJ Association of Black Social Workers Website  NASW- New Jersey Chapter  Social Workers Help Starts Here Website  Council of Social Work Education Website  Clinical Social Work and Resources  Occupational Outlook Handbook on Social Work General information about social work and how to enter the field

2.  Strength-based Approach

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3.  Person-in-Environment

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4. Family Meetings

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5. Cinematherapy  A list of movies on this site that social workers can utilize in therapy based on presenting problems.  A list of movies on this site for children and adolescents.

6.  Listed below is the link to my blog post with some resources that parents and adults can utilize to have informed discussions with the adolescents in their life on what is happening around them politically and how to contribute in meaningful ways in their communities, including using opposition to advocate.

7.  Miracle Question

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8.  New Ideas to help you think differently about your work and interventions with the clients you serve by Clinical Social Work Practitioner Scholars

Marisol Lado   Exploring the social creation of what it is to be happy

Dr. Laurie Suttenberg  Changing the conversation about weight loss and dieting.

Dr. Gloria Lopez Young Latinas’ Suicidal Ideations and Behaviors

Dr. Wendy Winograd  A website dedicated to an exploration of the importance of play in human development, creativity and social life.

Dr. Michelle Lipchock Fostered and Misunderstood is a project that examines the foster care experience through a phenomenological lens.

Dr. Michael Brayman What is the America’s opiate epidemic and how bad is it?

Dr. Jesselly de la Cruz Sexual behavior problems among youth

Dr. Cristina Blasoni  A website dedicated to  finding a medium and a platform  for the clinician to incorporate the state of presence within the current reductionistic medical model, thus, to be a compassionate catalyst of empowerment for the pained other.

Dr. Andrea Calabrese Clinical Supervision in Social Work Education and Practice: Critically looking at the purpose and practice of supervision within social work.