Podcast: Focus on Parenting and Opposition in Adolescence

You are in for a real treat, the first episode in my podcast series on a New Take on Opposition in Adolescence!

In this podcast, you will hear three interviews I conducted with two caregivers and one adolescent.  They are sharing stories about their family life:  parenting, relationships, family patterns,  influences on their parenting style, personal value system, spirituality and faith, and their personal take on opposition in adolescence.

I inquired about their opinions on my ideas about opposition as advocacy and power expression.  You will get to hear why this topic matters and where we could go with it.

Check out my podcast and let me know what you think.  Please post your comments.


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Podcast: Mentoring Adolescents on Power Development and Expression–Part One

The second podcast in my series–A New Take on Opposition in Adolescence–is here!

“The Power inside of Empowerment”


This podcast focuses on taking a close look at the need for mentoring adolescents on power development, assertion and expression.  How a direct practice professional teaches skills  to youth and supports caregivers and other adults in relationship with adolescents in their life.

The interview you with hear with Ms. S, Behavioral Assistant (BA) who works in the community with adolescents and their families in New Jersey, focuses on her work as a BA; how she handles opposition with the adolescents she works with and guides their parents; her reaction to  my ideas regarding the value of opposition and need for mentoring on power assertion and expression in adolescence; and awareness and training for direct practice professionals to assist them in mentoring adolescents and their caregivers on power development in adolescence.

I would love to hear from you regarding your reactions and thoughts about my podcast.


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