Tawanda Hubbard is a social work educator and practitioner with her LCSW.  She has more than 15 years of experience in child welfare, behavioral health, advocacy, case management, and clinical practice. Dr. Hubbard completed a BS degree in business administration–management at Bloomfield College and an MSW and DSW degrees at Rutgers University School of Social Work – New Brunswick. She provides individual and family therapy as a private practitioner and independent contractor and she is a certified child sexual abuse and REBT therapist.  Dr. Hubbard is currently teaching as a part-time lecturer at her alma mater, Rutgers School of Social Work and former faculty member at Monmouth University School of Social Work.  She is an independent trainer and consultant trainer for the NJ Child Welfare Partnership, NJ Victims Assistance Academy and NJ Child Support Institute.  Dr. Hubbard is a CSWE-MFP Alumna and immediate past President of NASW-NJ Chapter, the first African-American Woman to achieve this honor.  She is a member of RUSSW Alumni Advisory Council and CSWE MFP Doctoral Advisory Committee.  Dr. Hubbard completed her doctoral social work program at Rutgers University in May 2017.  Dr. Hubbard’s study on adolescent opposition is the final project in her doctoral program.


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